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The biggest innovation to happen to patterns in over 100 years has occurred, the Singer Ditto will change the way you sew garments forever!

A compact, easy setup projector allows you to view and modify sewing patterns without any paper or pinning needed. The Ditto makes viewing and using your sewing patterns efficient and accurate.

Follow your fashion design dreams. Ditto provides the tools and inspiration to accomplish what was only once imagined.

Singer Ditto Video

Singer Ditto Features:

  • Easy Setup instructions, tutorials and videos included
  • Quick built-in calibration
    • Access to over 600 Ditto-branded sewing patterns
  • Customize and modify patterns to your measurements
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android devices*

*App will be fully functional starting March 1st

Easy Set Up

No large, bulky attachments and no need for mounting hardware to walls or ceilings. The compact projector attaches easily to the lightweight beam, and comes with Easy Setup instructions, tutorials, and videos.

Inclusive Pattern Projection System

Everything you need to get started is included in the portable storage box. Get setup and enjoy the seamless Ditto ecosystem with A0 file compatibility.


 Quick and Easy Calibration

 The quick and easy built-in calibration is as easy as taking a picture. Once calibrated, get accurate pattern sizes instantly, every time you project a pattern.

 Efficient and Accurate

 It works almost like magic, compressing hours of work into minutes! No more pinning, paper, chalking, and let’s not forget about the best part; it’s precise, very     precise! Once you’ve calibrated your Ditto, you can move forward with cutting confidence. Ditto removes errors and risks so you can start sewing with knowing.

Extensive Digital Sewing Pattern Library

Gain access to 600+ Ditto-branded sewing patterns, with new designs added to every update, as well as many third-party patterns. There are so many choices you will easily find inspiration for your creative side. Choose a subscription-based membership, or simply purchase individual patterns.


Ditto is the first in the industry to provide a paper-free experience. Make pattern changes (and mistakes) without stress.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

Get connected and stay connected! Ditto is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can access project measurements from anywhere, and always know exactly what tools you need.

Mobile App with How To videos & tutorials

Get ready to Ditto with the mobile app.* Find step-by-step tutorial videos to help you assemble your projector and connect to the workspace.

*App will be fully functional starting March 1st

One Size Does Not Fit All – Pattern Customization Capability

Quickly and efficiently customize any Ditto pattern to your exact measurements. You can also try your hand at design with garment modifications, easily adding pockets, modifying the sleeve or neckline style, choosing a different length, and more. This tool is available even without a projector, with the option to download and print a PDF pattern.

Measurement Quick Help

Know immediately how and where to take each measurement with clear instructions for an efficient process.

Singer Ditto Includes:

  • Projector
  • Beam
  • Bubble Level
  • Power Cord & Adapter
  • Cord Cover
  • Fabric Weights (x4)
  • Target Stickers
  • Ditto-exclusive Cutting Mat
  • Ditto-exclusive Rotary Cutter
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