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Haunted Village - Pumpkin Jack O Lantern on Black

Haunted Village evolves the thrill we experience on Halloween night. Whether your night will be filled with trick or treating, making mischief, or perusing a house of horrors, these scenes of Halloween night in our haunted village will help you get into the mood. Decorate your home in ghoulish style. Halloween perennials, such as haunted houses, black crows, witch’s potions, and jack-o'-lanterns are depicted in a rich, warm palette waiting for your sewing pleasure, Fabric in the collection includes: a Haunted Mansion Panel (36” x 44” panel), a Large Village Border Stripe (which can also be cut into placemats), a smaller potion shelves stripe (also great for borders), coordinating smaller novelty designs. 

 Haunted Village Banner Quilt Free Pattern Download 
 Haunted Village Quilt 2 Free Pattern Download


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