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Machine Service Date

 Machine Service
Our talented technician will be here on March 3.   Please drop off your machine anytime between NOW and closing on March 2.    
We service ALL brands of Sewing, Embroidery, and Sergers!
Many common problems can be resolved with a thorough yearly cleaning.  Over time old lubricant, dust, and debris can clog up your machine.  We do a complete cleaning and remove all old oil, lint, and debris.  Apply new oil. Check and reset timing, clearances, and balance.  If a part is needed and is over $20, we call for approval.  No charge if we can't fix it.
General Cleaning Prices.   
Electronic Machine $110.00
Embroidery Machine $150.00
Embroidery Unit $39.95
Mechanical Machine $99.95
Sergers $110.00

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