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Thank you to everyone that is participating in Sandy's UFO Challenge.  We are loving seeing everyone's projects.

 Machine Service
Our talented technician will be here on March 19.   Please drop off your machine anytime between NOW and closing on March 18th.    
We service ALL brands of Sewing, Embroidery, and Sergers!


Pfaff Sewing Club!
First Wednesdays of the month  Time:  12-2 pm

April 5,  May 3, June 7, July 5, Aug. 2, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6
Everyone is welcome and invited to join us at Pfaff Sewing Club.
This is a great opportunity to learn a new project and make friends at the same time. You do not have to own a Pfaff sewing machine to attend.
New addition!  Block of the month at every sewing club! 
In addition to the monthly project,  Sandy will be demoing a block of the month. 
We have lectures/demos on an interesting project each month, see what's new at Sandy's, have door prizes, show and tell, and have lots of fun. You will receive a pattern for the project demoed/lectured.
Everyone attending will receive one door prize ticket, but if you pay at least one week in advance you will receive two tickets. We also have the Pfaff Reference Book door prize drawing for those who remember to bring their Pfaff books.

Remember to bring in your show-n-tells!  You will receive an extra door prize ticket for bringing in show-n-tells!
The cost is $10.00 per month and the Pfaff Reference Book is $10.00.

Pfaff Educator!

Are you curious about what makes the Icon 2 and Pfaff machines soooo wonderful?  Then these two events are for you! We will have Creative Icon 2 sewing machines set up for you to take the class on. The classes are $25 each and include the kit and a box lunch from HoneyBaked ham.  
Sew Monsterific – Friday, March 17th  Time  9-5 with a Lunch Break.  Make a unique Monster fiend.  Everyone’s will be different!  This project features Design Appliqué, Design Shaping, Exclusive Stitches, Laser Sewing Guidance 

Power Pocket Cable Organizer – Saturday,  March 18th  Time 9-5 with a Lunch Break.  Make a unique power cable organizer.  This project features Embroidery In-the-hoop, mySewnet Software Demonstration

Beginner Machine Appliqué Class
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $100
‘Seasonal Skinnies Spring Parade Skinnies’ Pattern Fee: $10
March 25th Time: 10-5
Learn the basics of fusible raw edge machine appliqué with Sandy! She is teaching the ‘Easter Basket’ skinnies from the NEW ‘Seasonal Skinnies Spring Parade Skinnies’ Pattern. The pattern has three different 14” x 28” skinnies. All templates are full-size and ready to go. They are so quick and easy that you won't stop at one.

Machine Quilting
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $100 Kit Fee: $ 50.00
March 27th Time: 10-5
Learn the basics of machine quilting! The kit contains a prepared top, batting, and backing

Scrappy Sedona Star Lecture
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $30
March 28th Time: 9-12
Sandy is lecturing and demonstrating how to make the Scrappy Sedona Star using Marti Michelle’s pattern and templates.

Creative Icon Owner’s Class
Sara is teaching the FREE Icon owners classes again!
Seamless connectivity. Unparalleled power. Maximum workspace. Impeccable results. The PFAFF creative icon sewing and embroidery machine. It’s where perfection meets freedom. Get to know your Creative Icon! This is a set of five classes that cover the basic sewing and embroidery techniques of the Creative Icon.
*If you bought your Creative Icon from us this class is FREE* Otherwise, the class instruction fee is $75.00 per class and includes the kit
March 30 Time 10-1 Luciourious Lace: Continue learning the ends and out of sewing mode and Heirloom stitching.

New Sampler Club Quilt
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $15 per class Time: 10- Noon

Third Saturdays of the Month
April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, Aug. 19, Sept. 16, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, and Dec. 16
This lecture/demo class is a Sampler Quilt. In the first month you will receive the supply list and in the last month find out how it goes together.

Beginner’s Piecing Class
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee $160.00
Adult Mondays Dates:  April 3, 10, 24, May 1, 8, and 15Time: 9 – Noon

Learn the basics of thread, fabric, needles, cutting, stitching, and more. You will make not one but TWO lap quilt tops. The 'Outerlimits' and the 'All squared up’ quilts. This is a six-part class with homework.  You will receive the supply list and fabric pages on the first class date.



Kimberbell Embroidery Club
Instructor: Sara Instruction Fee:$40 per class Design Fee: $7.50 per month Kit Fee: TBA
April 13, May 12, June 8, July 6, Aug 10, Sept.7, Oct.12, Nov.9, Dec. 14

The monthly designs are Kimberbell dealer exclusives.  Meaning you can only purchase them from a Kimberbell dealer! You will need an online Kimberbell profile.  If you don't have one, no worries we will help you set one up.  The design each month is $7.50.  You will receive an email directly from Kimberbell with a download link.  It will be sent out after class.  There will be kits available each month. The price of the kit is dependent on that month's project.

The first way to participate is: Come to class on the Second Thursday of the month.  You will receive the design on class day and a download link from Kimberbell after. This class is open to all embroidery machines with a minimum hoop size of 5" x 7".  You must know the basics of your machine and how to transfer designs to your machine. You are welcome to stay after class to keep embroidering!

The second way to participate: Just to purchase the design and kit.  Or just the design! 
April 13th Project: Fresh Flowers
Our fabulous flower cart opens for business with applique fabric and beautiful blossoms! Stitch your Fresh Flowers Design with a canopy of fabric.

Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $100 Kit Fee: TBA
April 1st Time 10-5
Learn the basics of binding a quilt!!  Class includes machine and hand stitching. There are 2 kits required for this class.

Machine Binding
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $50
April 17th Time: 10-2 Kit Fee: TBA
Learn the basics of binding a quilt!!   Class includes machine binding only. There is a required kit fee for this class.

NEW Tuesday's Mystery Quilt
Instructor: Sandy Instruction Fee: $15 per class
Third Tuesdays of the Month Time: 10-Noon
April 18, May 16, June 20, July 18, Aug. 15, Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Nov. 21, Dec. 19
This lecture/demo class is a Mystery Quilt. In the first month you will receive the supply list and in the last month find out how it goes together.
Sandy is starting off with a small project for Jan, Feb, and March. She will start a larger project in April!

 Beginner Foundation Paper Piece Class- I love Tulips
Instructor: Sandy
April 21st Time: 9 -2:30 with lunch break Instruction Fee $60
Explore the basics of paper piecing with Sandy!
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